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Mica tape for flame-resistant wires and cables consist of the heat resistant phlogopite, muscovite or synthetic mica bonded to an electrical grade fiberglass cloth or PE film as the supporting layer, impregnated with a special high temperature resistant silicon resin. For excellent flame resisting characteristics, Mica Tapes are widely used for power, control, instrumentation, and signaling cables.

Divides in 3 types;

  • Phologopite Mica Tape
  • Synthetic Mica Tape
  • Muscovite Mica Tape
mica tape 1 mica tape 2 mica tape 3


  • Exceptionally high dielectric strength at high temperature
  • High fire resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength and good shearing and shock resistance
  • Strong resistance to radiation, acid, and alkali
  • No-toxic under high temperature
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Phlogopite and muscovite mica tapes can withstand up to 950℃ while Synthetic mica tapes have a fire resistance class up to 1100℃.

SPOOL (Traverse) winding and PAD winding is available.