Gurfil serves to Cable, Hose, Pipe and Electrical Industry with Foil, Film, Tape, Wire and Machinery Products


GURFIL Vertical High Speed Braiding Machines have been tested and accepted by Turkish and European customers with rich menu options, quality and stable braiding, wide range of usage and superior security.

With the help of a Touch Screen any malfunction on the machine can be seen on the screen and interfered instantly.


  • Turkish and English PLC Tocuh Screen Menu
  • Auto Pitch
  • Main Core Japanese Steel
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Superior Operator Security
  • 16 and 24 carrier option
  • Copper and Steel Braiding
  • Automatic Fault indication system
Vertical Cable and Tube Braiding Machines
Binding 2over2 2over2
Braiding Direction Vertical Vertical
Bobin Numbers 16 (8,8) 24 (12,12)
Bobin Size 80* / 22*80mm / 75* / 22*70mm
outer dia./discap *inner dia./iccap *inner width/ic genislik
80* / 22*80mm / 75* / 22*70mm
outer dia./discap *inner dia./iccap *inner width/ic genislik
Bobin Speed 50-150 rpm 30-100 rpm
Braiding Pitch 3.2 - 32.5mm     6.4-65mm 13.3 - 134.5mm
Max. Braiding Wire Dia 16mm 24mm
Max. Produce Speed 585 m/hour 800 m/hour
Max. Braiding Thread Dia. 800mm 1000mm
Main Motor Power 1.5 Kw 3 Kw
Configuration Size 1200* 1390* 2350mm 1500* 1800* 2650mm
Net Weight 854 Kg 1258 Kg
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year

Gurfil Machinery Division provides commissioning, after sales service and all the spare parts from its warehouse with professional service personnel 7 days a week 24 hours a day.